Peter Schiff to Don Harold “Get Out of Dodge Before the Shooting Really Starts”

Peter Schiff discusses the latest bombshell to hit mainstream America with market guru Don Harrold – that the FDIC needs an immediate injection of $45 billion to stay open. The ramifications – that the US dollar printing press will have to run overtime to support FDIC, eroding purchasing power of US Dollar. This is a must listen and very frank discussion about what is happening behind the scenes to the US macroeconomic situation and should be carefully listened to by every investor that is serious about protecting themselves (and their hard earned purchasing power) against what Peter (and many others) sees as a looming financial crisis that is going to materially affect the value of the US dollar in a very negative way. In the discussion, Peter talks about the moral hazard of banks putting depositor funds into risky investments to attract customers with better interest rates, and not caring that they could be on the losing end of these investments as the funds are ultimately FDIC insured, creating a conflict of interest between banks and their depositors – virtually guaranteeing bank failures as banks try and compete for business. Peter also talks about the future of the Federal Reserve System and where investors should position their investments right now to insulate themselves from this financial thunderstorm gathering on the horizon.

Click below to listen to this 10 minute discussion that we think could very well reset your investment strategy in these pivotal times.


One Response to Peter Schiff to Don Harold “Get Out of Dodge Before the Shooting Really Starts”

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