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Triangle Petroleum Corporation  (OTC BB: TPLM; TSX-V: TPE)

Triangle Petroleum Corporation’s CEO, Mr. Mark Gustafson was recently interviewed by Clif Droke ( and featured in the May edition of the Junior Mining Stock Report. The Junior Mining Stock Report goes out to a paid subscriber base and is also syndicated to a number of top resource centric portals on the internet that report on the current natural resource and energy industry. During the interview,  Mark covered the history and management team of Triangle Petroleum as well as the project background and operational overview of Triangle’s core shale gas exploration project in the Eastern Maritimes region of Nova Scotia, Canada – the Windsor Block property – a 475,000 gross acre block, Horton Bluff target that is highly prospective for shale gas exploration and discovery.  

Triangle is in the midst of a multi well test development phase on the property and is currently in an active completion mode on several wells which they are hopeful of establishing the key signposts of production capability in their ongoing efforts to establish the basin as a commercially viable shale gas field. A third party independent study on the property by Ryder Scott, one of the premiere engineering firms in the industry has assigned Triangle’s Windsor Block property with an estimated 69 trillion cubic feet of original gas in place. With that much gas in place, there is no question about the fact that Triangle has made a major energy discovery, the key value driver going forward will be their ability to “pick the zones geologic lock” and produce from the field commercially (read: economically). With the winter season in the area now over, Triangle has stepped up operations at the property and (along with their joint venture partners Zodiac Exploration and Contact Exploration) is moving the project forward towards their collective goal.

The price of natural gas has come back strongly over the past few weeks and hit upwards of $4.50 per mcf (1 mcf = 1,000 cubic feet) recently before moving back down into the high three to low four dollar range depending on what region you are in. Analysts expect continued volatility in the market in the near term with many calling for a break to higher prices in the latter half of 2010 and into 2011 as the falling north American rig counts continue to cut into new supplies coming on line. Triangle’s goal is to move the field towards commerciality in the near to mid-term and be in a position to produce at around the same time as many expect there will be a stronger market in the northeast for natural gas.

Triangle Petroleum was successful in paying down their debt to a debt free level in the latter part of 2008 and currently has about C$8 million in the till to move forward with their aggressive but pragmatic development strategy. Triangle is also on the hunt for additional JV partners at this time to extend their reach into the large and highly prospective basin. Triangle presently has a large institutional investor ownership of its shares (over 50%), so some of the smart money is already entrenched in their camp and looking for them to be successful in the Nova Scotia project.

Triangle’s Windsor Block property shares many of the key physical and technical characteristics (and in some cases has even better metrics) present in some of North America’s most prolific and productive shale gas basins such as the Barnett in Texas and the Fayetteville in Arkansas. If Triangle is ultimately successful in proving up the commercial nature of this very large basin (the Windsor Block parcel is roughly 800 square miles) they could become the lead player in a rapid escalation of interest and energy value creation at a time when resources that contribute to North America’s energy independence could carry a very lucrative premium.

Here is a link to the full printed interview:

Triangle Petroleum also recently made available to investors and potential investors, an updated four page marketing brochure.  The brochure, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link,, describes the Company’s current operations and opportunities.  We believe that existing investors and potential investors will enjoy the new format and layout as both will get a better understanding of the Company.

A copy of the brochure is also available here.

We look forward to the continued growth of the Company and its progress and success going forward.  As always, we will provide timely reporting and analysis of Triangle Petroleum’s activities to ensure that we maintain an informed investor audience. 

For more detailed information about Triangle Petroleum, its properties, and its opportunities, please look at the investment overview available at

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